Ideal Locations for Essay Writing

Ernest Hemingway was known for traveling to exotic places – beautiful islands, villas, countrysides – you name it. However, he was not there for a vacation. He went to these places to write. Some say it was alcohol that allowed him to write so well; however, he would not invest so much into writing in one particular location if it did not yield amazing results.

The fact that Hemingway wrote some of his best work in the places he went to means that there is something about choosing your writing space. Other writers, however, choose less than comfortable places to write in and it still gives them the result that brought their names to legendary status. For example, some writers prefer to write in dingy basements, haunted houses, or even the bathroom.

For students, you need to know where you are most productive and how you can achieve that consistency of writing in that location in order to further your academic career. If you do not want to waste time or money finding a good location, you can always buy essay papers. However, if you buy an essay online all the time, you might not get to experience what Hemingway did.

We’re not telling you to travel the world and rent out a mansion. We just want you to find the most suitable place for you to write so that you can finish your essay quickly and efficiently.

Where should I write my papers?

A guy is writing papers for college

1. At home.

We’re not talking about your dorm room. Without any limitations, it could be the most distracting location in your life. We are talking about your home, if it’s accessible, where you can write in peace and feel relaxed and away from the stresses of college.

2. The park.

A quiet park, preferably. Not the ones where people play sports or run with their dogs. You want a quiet garden park where people come to read and eat picnics.

3. The library.

They are specially designed for studying and writing. However, some schools have libraries without conducive atmospheres due to budget constraints. If that is the case, you can go to the public library instead.

4. A study haven.

This is a new business that allows students to write study spaces and have attendants wake them up after power naps. If you like quiet spaces, these types of places are ideal.

5. In the countryside.

If you can spare a weekend off, you should travel outside the city and write surrounded by nature of just fresh air.

6. A nondescript coffee nook.

Invest in some cab fare or gas money to find the quietest coffee shop in town. It may take you ways off from the campus, but at least you can finally write your essay in peace.

Sometimes location isn’t important. Sometimes you can buy essays online for college. The important thing is that you finish writing it wherever you are.

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