The 10 Commandments of Research Paper Writing

There are rules to research paper writing that most students tend to disregard due to the sheer boredom of writing one in the first place. Some students even go so far as to hire a research paper writing service so that they would not have to write their own.

However, you can only order so many research papers for sale before you go broke. So, it is important that you do try and learn how to write one and because of that, we compiled a list of unbreakable rules that will guide you and give you the help with research paper writing that you need.

1. Thou shall not procrastinate.

Start working on your research paper as soon as it is assigned. If you have any other pending assignments, check to see which one has a tighter deadline. Do this by computing the time it takes to finish one assignment and compare it to the other while assessing its completion date in relation to your deadline.

2. Thou shall not use Wikipedia as a reference.

We cannot stress this enough. Wikipedia is a free-sourced encyclopedia that is moderated by regular people. Who knows what kind of jokes they have written in between the sections of the page you are looking at.

3. Thou shall not copy entire passages from books and journals.

Copying too many quotes can land you in a lot of trouble. Not only will it be considered plagiarism, it is also seen as lazy.

4. Thou shall not copy someone else’s research results.

Even if you are not plagiarizing anything online or on print, you are still plagiarizing from your peers. If you get caught, you may end up dragging your friend down with you.

5. Thou shall invest time and money into thy research paper.

To pass a research paper grade, you need to put in the time and money it takes to produce a credible research project. Depending on your topic, it could cost hundreds of dollars.

6. Thou shall not party until the research paper is done.

Save it for when you get your grade. Extracurricular activities will only kill your momentum.

7. Thou shall not plagiarize research papers online.

Do we really have to tell you this?

8. Thou shall use Grammarly and CopyScape.

If you are not a talented writer, these two applications will save your life. Grammarly checks for typos and errors, while CopyScape ensures that your research is not bordering on plagiarism.

9. Thou shall eat, sleep, and exercise when not writing your research paper.

Never forget your health because a research paper is worth nothing if you are not there to savor the fruits of your labor because you are exhausted to death in your dorm room.

10. Thou shall proofread and edit over and over again.

Lastly, perfect your paper until you are sure that your professor will accept it wholeheartedly and give you a smashing good grade.

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